MARS is designed to give our asset management clients a competitive advantage by identifying new potential sales opportunities, better focusing sales and marketing efforts, and facilitating asset growth.  Specifically designed for the business needs of the asset management industry, MARS benefits include:

Total Visibility

Increase visibility into your sales and asset flows across your entire business including all distribution channels, product lines, geographic territories, market segments, products, and business relationships such as firms, offices, reps and accounts.

Enterprise-wide Value

MARS is used by sales, marketing, finance and operations groups and provides the ability to easily identify new potential sales opportunities, rank your most profitable business relationships, improve business relationship management and communication, perform financial analysis and compensation reporting, view historical sales and asset trends compared to current performance, identify strategic business insights, manage fund prospectus compliance & SEC Rule 22c-2 Compliance and much, much more.

Data Aggregation & Reconciliation

MARS can handle the sales transaction volume flows of any size firm.  MARS transforms raw data from an unlimited number of sources such as transfer agents, financial intermediaries, retirement plan platforms, sub-accounting firms, separately managed accounts, fund supermarkets (Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade), alternative investments, annuities & life products, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) data providers into a knowledge-base that provides unique insights into your business.

Channel and Territory Management Perfection

Provides deep insights into the most effective distribution channel and geographic territory management to reduce sales costs and maximize profits; allows organizations to slice and dice their business into whatever distribution channels, geographic territories and reporting exceptions that works best for their business; perform “what if” scenarios with your sales channel and territory structure to give you insights into how changes might affect your business.

  • Data Visualization

    Leveraging graphical data visualization techniques and tools such as Google Maps™ to transform your data into actionable business insights.

  • Powerful Report Writer

    “Slice and dice” your data in an infinite number of ways to produces views and reports for your ever changing business needs.


    Intelligence data from providers such as Market Metrics™, Albridge Analytics™, Meridian-IQ™, Discovery-RIA™, and RIA Database™.


    Connect the powerful capability of MARS to other systems and other solution providers such as™, Marketo™, ExactTarget™, Concur™, etc.

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