MARS is integrated with well-known third-party market intelligence data providers such as Market Metrics™, Distribution Analytics™, Discovery-RIA™, and RIA Database™ to gain new business insights to provide you with insights on how well your products are performing compared to your competition. MARS also provides the ability to show you how changes in your sales and marketing actions influence your sales compared to your competitors. Want to know what impact a specific marketing campaign or a specific sales objective like more face-to-face meetings had on your sales compared to how your competitors are performing – just check MARS. 

  • View product sales against your competitors’ product sales, product for product, by firm and office to give you a leg up on and insights into the competition;
  • Highlight profitable broker-dealer and financial advisor relationships to allow firms to maximize the effectiveness of those relationships;
  • Zero in on productive product lines and asset classes to provide business insights;
  • Orchestrate the alignment of the sales team’s goals with the firm’s goals to eliminate unintended and non-productive organizational conflicts;
  • Keep wholesalers apprised of relative product performance to help boost wholesalers’ actions and productivity;

  • Create Change

    Focus on product line shortcomings compared to competitors’ to facilitate positive change;

  • Gain Insight

    Gain valuable insights into future product development and marketing campaigns to support staying ahead of the competition.

  • Intelligent Actions

    Capture overall performance by firm and branch to enable intelligence-based actions.

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