• Market Intelligence Providers

    We provide insights into market penetration and potential opportunities.

MARS integrates the sales, asset, contacts, and activities with competitive sales information at firms and offices to provide unique insights into penetration and sales opportunities. This allows your firm to:

  • Identify profitable broker-dealer and financial advisor relationships to allow firms to maximize the effectiveness of those relationships;
  • Zero in on productive product lines and asset classes to provide business insights;
  • Orchestrate the alignment of the sales team’s goals with your firm’s goals to eliminate unintended and non-productive organizational conflicts;
  • Keep wholesalers apprised of relative product performance to help boost wholesalers’ actions and productivity;
  • Focus on product line shortcomings compared to competitors’ to facilitate positive change;
  • Provide valuable insights into future product development and marketing campaigns to support staying ahead of the competition; and
  • Capture overall performance by firm and branch to enable intelligence-based actions.
  • Apples to Apples Comparisons

    View product sales against your competitors’ product sales, product for product, by firm, and office to give you the competitive advantage.

  • Relationship Management

    Identify profitable broker-dealer and financial advisor relationships at a glance

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