• Managed Apps

    Your all-in-one solution.

With the MARS on-demand managed application hosting model, managers don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors, contracts, and priorities. In addition, firms do not need to add hardware, software, or technical resources. Other features:

  • Rapid deployment to maximize ROI.
  • Guaranteed performance and 24 x/7 accessibility.
  • Easy scalability to meet growing business needs.
  • Loading, monitoring, and support of all data file transmissions.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Business resumption services.
  • Application Hosting

    We house the MARS application and data in our secure data center.

  • Everything You Need

    No need to maintain your own database servers, application servers, networking equipment, batch schedulers, storage arrays, load balancers.

  • Monitoring

    We monitor and maintain of all interfaces and batch jobs that are responsible for getting data into/out of the system. 

  • Business Resumption

    We manage all business resumption hardware, software, database servers, app servers, SAN storage, networking, facilities, and automated replication of data.

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