• Managed Apps

    Your all-in-one solution.

SalesFocus Solutions hosts the MARS Product Suite for some of the largest and best-known asset management firms in the industry.   For over fifteen years, we’ve provided a single solution for all of your MARS application hosting, data management, security, technical support, and system administration needs, including:

  • Rapid deployment to maximize ROI;
  • Guaranteed performance and 24 x 7 accessibility;
  • No need to add hardware, software and technical resources;
  • Easily scalable to meet your growing business needs;
  • We monitor, load and support all data file transmissions;
  • Includes database monitoring and performance tuning; and
  • Business resumption services.

With our MARS On-demand managed application hosting model you don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors, contracts and priorities.

  • Application Hosting

    We house the MARS application and data in our secure data center.

  • Everything You Need

    No need to maintain your own database servers, application servers, networking equipment, batch schedulers, storage arrays, load balancers.

  • Monitoring

    We monitor and maintain of all interfaces and batch jobs that are responsible for getting data into/out of the system. 

  • Business Resumption

    We manage all business resumption hardware, software, database servers, app servers, SAN storage, networking, facilities, and automated replication of data.

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