How Asset Managers Can Organize to Better Use Sales Data

Is your business organized effectively to use all the data you have? Is your business effectively using all of the data you have?” Research from PwC[1] found that 60 percent of asset and wealth managers “fear that part of their business is at risk to FinTech companies.” As a result, more asset managers are learning […]

5 Ways Asset Managers May Use Data to Build Relationships with Key Account Teams

As an asset manager, you may likely derive 80% to 90% of your sales from just a few key national accounts, and managing these accounts is therefore critically important. Asset managers rely heavily on the distribution efforts of their key accounts, so in order to grow assets under management (AUM), your national accounts team must […]

7 Reasons Why Bad Data Means Bad Growth Prospects for Asset Managers

Asset managers use data to make critical decisions everyday, and the success of your business depends on the accuracy and timeliness of your data. Bad data, however, may lead to bad growth prospects. Data comes from multiple sources— transfer agents, supermarket platforms, ETF platforms, sub-accounting firms, managed accounts, and more. This process increases the risk […]