NICSA SLF 2019 Insights

This year’s NICSA SLF was a great opportunity to meet with clients, and prospective clients in a setting that promoted some great discussion around relevant and timely topics in the asset management industry.  Traditionally NICSA has been known as a TA and operations industry group.  Under the leadership of Jim Fitzpatrick, NICSA has been undergoing […]

Q1 2019 Client Roundtable

The focus of last week’s MARS Client Roundtable centered around 3rd party data related to market share and/or firm data packs.   One of the interesting aspects of working with such a wide range of asset managers in terms of size and AUM is understanding how differently each client integrates and leverages 3rd party data along […]

How Asset Managers Can Organize to Better Use Sales Data

Is your business organized effectively to use all the data you have? Is your business effectively using all of the data you have?” Research from PwC[1] found that 60 percent of asset and wealth managers “fear that part of their business is at risk to FinTech companies.” As a result, more asset managers are learning […]