• ETF Sales Reporting

    Leverage your data from your ETF data providers to improve your sales visibility and insights.

MARS can also aggregate and report on data from both mutual fund and ETF data providers. As a result, MARS can increase sales visibility and market positioning for firms who are contemplating adding ETFs, and for those who already have them. Specifically, MARS can:

  • Aggregate and normalize data from all ETF data sources.
  • Reconcile ETF data to obtain information at the most detailed level.
  • Standardize ETF data for reporting purposes.
  • Integrate competitive market intelligence and RIA data.
  • Provide advanced analytics and insights into new sales opportunities.
  • Data Aggregation

    Bring in data from an unlimited number of ETF data provider sources.

  • Data Reconciliation

    MARS reconciles all ETF data to provide accurate information for business intelligence and reporting purposes.

  • Analysis & Reporting

    MARS provides new insights on your entire business – including your ETF business.

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