Investment Company Institute (ICI) Membership Meeting

Another ICI conference is in the books.

This year, we had the pleasure of our colleague Miriam Sanchez (MARS Training and Client Education) joining Jill Santandreu (Director of Professional Services), Aaron Wong (MARS Product Manager), and me.   Miriam has tremendous experience with our Client Training and Education Programs as well as our Data Stewardship and new Unify Registered Rep Database services.

I always enjoy attending the ICI conference as it affords me the opportunity to speak with current clients, prospective clients, and fellow industry colleagues.  In addition to that, the panels and keynote speakers are always of the highest caliber.  I had the opportunity to sit in on panels on global trends from the perspective of three leading chief investment strategists, a policy discussion with General Stanley McChrystal, and keynote lunch discussion with GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt.   Each of these sessions was informative, educational, and at times entertaining.

We at SalesFocus Solutions consider ourselves very fortunate in that we have several clients that are representative of the speakers and their associated firms at ICI.  As we continue to enhance the suite of MARS products and services, it is the one-on-one interaction with the ICI membership to discuss industry trends and strategic insights that is integral to our continued growth and success.

Dave Halligan, Director of Sales and Client Account Management

CIOReview Magazine features SalesFocus Solutions as one of the 20 most promising Salesforce solution providers in 2016


The September 2016 edition of CIOReview Magazine highlights SalesFocus Solutions’ leadership in enhancing the value Salesforce CRM for asset management firms who are struggling with typical industry challenges such as:


  • Aggregating large volumes of sales and asset data from many disparate sources;
  • Maintaining data accuracy and integrity;
  • Managing and reporting on complex distribution channels and sales territories;
  • Performing advanced analysis of sales and asset information combined with Salesforce CRM data; and
  • Obtaining granular ETF sales reporting across all data sources.

For more information, here’s the link to the CIOReview article:

ICI Conference May, 2016

SalesFocus Solutions enjoyed participating in last week’s ICI GMM conference.  The ICI continues to be a great venue to connect with clients and industry colleagues and to discuss how our MARS product suite can overcome some of the business challenges that asset management firms face today.   

As an example, Our ETF reporting solution has received a lot of attention from firms struggling with ETF distribution reporting challenges because it solves the industry-wide problem of ETF data aggregation and normalization and helps firms better position themselves in the marketplace. 

At the conference we talked with many individuals who were interested in the various aspects of our products and services including: 

•  Distribution Reporting for all product lines:  Mutual Funds, Managed Accounts, ETFs, & Retirement/Insurance Products;

•  Competitive Market Intelligence, RIA, & Marketing Data Integrations;

•  Advanced Sales and Marketing Analytics, including Cross-sales Analysis;

•  Data Cleansing & Data Quality Improvement;

•  Innovative Mobile Apps;

•  Industry-specific CRM or Salesforce® Integration with our Sales Reporting and Advanced Analytics system; and

•  SEC Rule 22c-2 and Prospectus Compliance Management. 

We look forward to the new relationships and contacts that came out of this meeting and look forward to doing it all over again next year!



Data Insights

I had the distinct privilege to participate on a panel at the recent 4th Annual Mutual Fund & ETF Distribution Summit in Boston on April 26th.  The topic of our panel was Effective Wholesaling Methods.  The panel had a good mix of representatives from research, asset management, and vendor solution firms.

Reliability on data is a common theme when discussing effective wholesaling methods and how best to execute on those strategies.   Enabling wholesalers with strategies and tools is only as good as the underlying data.  In today’s world, ‘Big Data’ has become its own marketing campaign, but we feel our most successful clients are the ones who focus specifically on ensuring the data they do have is accurate and reliable.  When there is confidence in the data, the sales team can execute on the strategies using the tools provided to them.  They spend less time sifting, sorting, and combing through data and more time focused on cultivating relationships and selling product.

Many of our clients have a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy.  The transactional data that resides in MARS is an integral part of the overall MDM strategy.  In additional to the sales and asset transactional data, these clients also leverage MARS to integrate 3rd party data from Market Intelligence sources and RIA data subscriptions.  Leveraging our team to cleanse, resolve, aggregate, and integrate these additional data sources produces a centralized location to house and access this information.  In the end, this allows our clients to decide how they want to marry and package this data along with other relevant information such as marketing, research and product material so they can deliver a clear concise package to their wholesalers allowing them to execute on their sales strategy.

In the end, the importance of leveraging the data you have, ensuring it is clean, accurate, and reliable will be the cornerstone to any effective and successful sales strategy.

Dave Halligan


The Benefits of Attending Client Off Site Meetings

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to interact directly with the end users of our MARS products and services.  Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to attend three clients’ annual sales meetings to review our current products and services and get invaluable feedback from the people who depend on these products and services every day.  When I present and review newly released features, I am always impressed by the depth of knowledge our clients have for our products and how they continually make suggestions to help us improve the product, thus allowing them to be more successful at their jobs.  One of the fringe benefits of being at these meetings is when more experienced and savvy users of our web and mobile apps share their insight, tips, and knowledge with their colleagues.  I’ve often heard comments like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know you could get that information so easily on the mobile app’ and ‘Having access to this on the road is a game changer!’.  These quotes are straight from some of our wholesaler clients and are not coming from our Marketing department.  I don’t often get the chance to spend significant and meaningful time with all our end users, but when I do, it’s truly a mutually beneficial experience.  We always come away from these meetings with changes and enhancements that we implement that benefit all our clients.  More importantly, these meetings are an opportunity for us to enhance and build on the strong relationships we have cultivated over the past 16 years.

Inside ETFs and NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum Conferences

“I thought MARS was just a CRM”  – this was what one of the attendees at the NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum said to me after we had a lengthy discussion of all of the products and services offered within the MARS suite.  He was pleasantly surprised to learn that MARS was much more than a CRM.  MARS is actually an acronym for “Marketing and Reporting Sales”.  Yes, we have our own native, industry-specific CRM that many of our clients utilize, but they are also using MARS because of the dynamic and flexible sales and asset reporting system that integrates with the CRM.  We also have clients that use our Salesforce bi-directional integration, along with other clients that use MARS as a stand-alone Distribution Reporting and/or 22c-2 Compliance Management System.

We are always looking to enhance and improve our product suite offering as is evidenced by the advanced data visualization and analytics capabilities in our mobile solutions and also with our full service data stewardship offering – which firms can take advantage of to improve data quality and reduce costs whether or not the firm is using our MARS system.  Most recently, our innovative ETF data aggregation and reporting solution has received a lot of attention from firms struggling with ETF Distribution reporting.

Over the past two weeks, SalesFocus Solutions enjoyed participating in’s Inside ETFs conference and NICSA’s 2016 Strategic Leadership Forum.  These conferences were both great venues to discuss how MARS can help asset management firms gain efficiencies, cut costs, and increase AUM.   At NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum, we moderated a panel discussion with industry experts on “Overcoming ETF Distribution Data Challenges.”   The NICSA conference was a good venue to exchange information with firms about the reporting challenges many ETF providers are facing and how our MARS product solves some of their key business needs.

For more information on how MARS can help your firm, please contact Dave Halligan @ or 978.473.0350

Inside ETFs Conference

SalesFocus Solutions is looking forward to attending this year’s Inside ETF’s conference on January 24-27 in Hollywood, Florida.   We are also proud to be recognized by the conference sponsor as an Innovative FinTech company for our MARS system which provides a comprehensive ETF distribution data aggregation and reporting solution.  Our MARS ETF solution allows our clients to better position themselves in the marketplace by:

  • Aggregating and normalizing data from all ETF data sources;
  • Reconciling ETF data to obtain information at the most detailed level;
  • Standardizing ETF data for reporting purposes;
  • Integrating Competitive Market Intelligence, RIA, & Marketing Data; and
  • Providing insights into potential new ETF sales opportunities.

If you are planning on attending this year’s Inside ETFs conference, please stop by to see us in the Innovative Fintech Firm area to learn more about our MARS ETF distribution data reporting solution.

Hearsay Social Podcast with Dave Halligan

On November 9th, Dave Halligan had the opportunity to be interviewed by Hearsay Social’s Victor Gaxiola for their podcast.  Dave met Victor at an industry conference earlier this year where Victor spoke about the use of social media to raise brand awareness and increase marketing reach.  After hearing Victor’s presentation, Dave thought that the information Victor presented would be beneficial to all of our clients and Dave asked Victor if he would speak at our User Conference in September.  Our clients found Victor’s presentation about the use of social media in the asset management industry very informative.

After our user conference Victor asked Dave to do a podcast which would focus on the use of technology in the financial services industry.  Here’s a link to the Hearsay Social podcast with Dave:

Expect Miracles Foundation – Financial Services Against Cancer

SalesFocus Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Expect Miracles Foundation’s Annual Wine & Spirits Charity Event.  Representatives of SalesFocus Solutions will be also be attending the event which will be held on November 5th in downtown Boston.

Over the years the Expect Miracles Foundation has been instrumental in working with the financial services industry to raise funds for cancer research and invest in advance patient care programs nationwide.

SalesFocus Solutions is looking forward to attending this years’ Wine & Spirits Charity Event and continuing to support the Expect Miracle Foundations’ efforts in the fight against cancer.

SalesFocus Solutions Attending 2015 NSCP Conference

SalesFocus Solutions will be participating in the 2015 National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) conference from November 1 – 4.    We work closely with our clients to continuously enhance our MARS Compliance Management Solution and we look forward to attending the compliance-related workshops at this year’s conference.  Our MARS Compliance Management Solution provides end-to-end 22c-2 and fund prospectus compliance oversight and allows firms to employ their own specific fund and corporate policies to identify situations where improper trading may be occurring.   The MARS Compliance Management solution can increase an organization’s visibility and insights across all distribution channels and product types including mutual funds, ETFs, managed accounts, sub-accounting, pension plans and retirement accounts.  We look forward to participating in this year’s NSCP conference sessions and networking with our compliance colleagues.